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The Smithereens : Blues Before and After lyrics

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The Smithereens lyrics : "Blues Before and After"

You know I really wanna see you when you know I might not
(And you make me want you more when you hurt me a lot)
I say I really love you and you say that you don't

(And it really turns me on when you say that you won't)


The blues before and after
I get the blues before and after I'm with you
The blues before and after

I get the blues before and after loving you

Sometimes I need to hear you voice

Sometimes I don't want to know
(I get so tired of tryin' to win you I just don't want to know)
Yo're takin' just what you need

And then you're well on your way
(I hear the same old story almost every day)


It's a shame that you won't see me when I need you tonight

Cause I know that if you did then everything would be right
And I've tried my very best to give the things that you need
But the blues they seem to follow me I never succeed

I wanna take you in my arms and you just don't wanna know
(When I finally get to touch you, feels like forty below)

Just as always you have gotten your way
Just a normal complication in a typical day


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