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THE RIOT BEFORE lyrics : "To live how we believe"

Fast lane with the stereo loud
Crashes hard in the back of your throat

Monotone at the bus stop
A single line feeling so lost

In all the rooms that repeat a familiar routine
A sigh and a stare start the day
Pick up a keychain with two keys

But only one that you still need

It's so hard to leave pessimism

When all the facts seem to support the case
But you try anyway

To live how we believe in god
Always searching for a sign of proof
There exists a transferable thought

A lens we both see through

Cause I've been feeling alone a lot

And I was hoping that maybe there could be some way to...

Say a sentence or two that could get through to you

How memory adulterates
They dress in our own clothes
Another's words we'll never know

On the side of the road I am watching unfold
Another embarrassed defeat

If this is always a lost cause
Than what am I here for

Cause all I want is to leave cynicism
But I don't think I have that kind of faith
To just throw it away

And then live how we believe in love
Holding tight to every sign of proof

It exits, that there's something above
Our weak and fragile truths

Cause I've been feeling hopeless a lot
And I've been thinking that maybe

If I stood in the same spot
For a couple weeks unmoving
If I slowed down my talk

Stretched the syllables out lengthy
Could you see where I'm standing
Finally hear what I'm trying for

I've been wraithlike lately
I don't want to feel like that anymore

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa