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THE RIOT BEFORE lyrics : "Back stage room"

I'm living it up in a back stage room
Chasing the sleep from exhausted eyes
Each moment enthroned and paraded through streets

We wave and we scream as it passes by

Can't reconcile the life I knew

The forgotten [email protected]&(t ignored nights
Holding signs on the corners "so hungry will work"
Watching eyes fast divert and then drive on by

The trees always falling in silence
No crash, no bang just an emptiness

The trucks drive away with trunks tied down, secured
To bring back a little of the forest
That's how it's going to go

As long as we keep on building
I just pack my bags and leave

Losing my grip of a back stage room
As habit devours and colors die
Chasing the moments through blockaded streets

I beg and I plead, oh god don't pass me by

Can't you just move in and stay

The streetlights give as the brighter sun arrives
The past night slips to the memory's broken drives

With all the roads we will never again
Walk down strange and foreign
But there's hope just over the edge of the horizon

I'll find a home in these back stage rooms
But never get used to the passing time

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa