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THE RIOT BEFORE lyrics : "Answers for change"

The red tinted cardboard turns green as the cars pull away
A rinsed out fast food fountain cup holds the answers for change
It's not very much but it might be enough for a drink

Passersby keep their sight straight like horses in parades
Or else tap their pockets, shrug shoulders, sorry not today

I like mine on the rocks or else as a shot when toasting
It may burn a bit but I don't mind the taste

The wrecking ball breaks through the walls that were shoddy and old
But wrecking balls can't clean the mess, can't build back, can't uphold
And I've had a ball

The adrenaline rush takes some time to retreat from the veins
Still flustered and flushed on the drive home from having our say

But at night all alone the signs tend to humiliate
My active attempts to not do anything

But you found something undisputed and true
It endures like a morning commute
And forgives when you thought you were doomed

It reminds through the whole of your day
That there's more than just what's in the way
A clarity above the haze

A straight exiting from the maze
A finish line so worth crossing

Give me five minutes and I'll tear it down all the same

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa