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The Real Mckenzies lyrics : "White Knuckle Ride"

Get in and buckle up
Ye got cher motor runnin'
step in and get in gear

Your $$# is outta there
Fire up in the pipe
Getting the timing right

Transmission very tight
Off into the night

And now we on the town
I clutch and work a stick
Don't wanna blow a motor

250 clicks
Let the tires slip
Into a power drift

The sound of metal and meat
Sideways down the street

Growlin' like a tiger
Flying down the autobahn
Screaming down the turnpike

On a wicked motorbike

You know I gotta move

It gets me in the mood
Do what i wanna do
Not caring what I'm doing

It makes me feel alive
When I get out and drive
So fast that when I leave

In minutes I arrive

I drive a hot reactor

Nuclear isotope
It's using hydrogen
To get me where I'm going

The only trouble is
In a collision
We'll take the city down

In an atomic cloud

Flying down the 89

On my way to Mexico

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa