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The Real Mckenzies lyrics : "The Maple Trees Remember"

In days of yore from foreign shores
The royal minions came
And planted firm their feckless flags

On such a fair domain

It marked the beginnings of the end

Of those who first were there
The cultures and a people proud
Were lost forevermore

The maple tree who once stood strong
Come gather round and sing this song together

Forget their queen and all she mans
The Maple Tree
The Maple Tree Remember

Protect the weak and show the strength
Of natural cathedrals in paradise

Above which shine
The northern lights
The way we are, remember?

Mountains and prairies
From sea to sea

Blue unending skies
If you spy those endless skies
A hungry eagle flies

Oh Canada your forests stood
for 250 million moons

with axe and saw
they hacked you down
the end will be here soon

The marathon of greed decreed
Those traitors made it all clear

Majestic trees who once grew tall
Were doomed to disappea

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa