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The Real Mckenzies lyrics : "The Lads Who Fought & Won"

That Serbian man
Assassinated Archduke Ferdinand
With what would transpire

Would change the world
And set Europe afire

On one side the Czar and the King
And on the other stood
The Kaiser and Ottoman thang

The boys and the men and the girls
Were armed and mobilized
Their forces aligned

They crawled through the mud
And they cut through the wire

A constant $$#ault of artillery fire
The curtain of shrapnel
Took the flesh from the bone

They fell in the field
And never got home

They were the lads
Who fought and won

Up over the bridge
A heavy fortress lies
Atop of the ridge

Bristling with guns
Austro-Hungarian Empire dug in

They fought through the night
Like the devil at dawn
The enemy captured

Or dead on the ground
It wasn't achieved without terrible loss
Posthumous award of Victoria Cross

They were the lads
Who fought and won

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Thanks to auritagirl