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The Real Mckenzies lyrics : "The Ballad Of Greyfriars Bobby"

John Gray was a gardener
Who, with his wife and bairn
Arrived in Edinburgh

The century was nearly turned
The year was 1800
That year was harsh and cold

He could nae find nae work
Their future so unsure

To avoid the workhouse
And for his family
He joined the police force

A constable was he
A condition of his service
He had to take a dog

To watch by his side
He chose a terrier frae sky

This is the balla of Greyfriars Bobby
The dog with whom his master
He would stay

No pain of fear
For 14 long years
He stood by his master's grave

(And he's still standing there today)

Succumbing to his fate

In 1858
Johnny Gray passed away
Laid down in Greyfriars Churchyards

No marker on his grave
His faithful terrier stayed there
He would not go away

The groundskeeper was told
The dog must be a lout

The Greyfriars parish told him
To keep that rascal out
But Bobby so devoted to his master after death

The people fed and sheltered him
and idoled him instead

Now Bobby and his
Master stand together
Though they're dead

Their bonds, as they say
Reaches far beyond the grave
So now you know the story

If anybody asks you
You tell em of the Statue
That's in Edinburgh today

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