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The Real Mckenzies lyrics : "Old Becomes New"

As long as I've been around
To my convictions I am bound
Well here's what I've found

In the cities and towns
Life ain't nothing but a merry-go-round

You know that life never ends
So get out there with your friends
Hey what have you got to lose

But you do gotta choose
The direction in which you move

It's All Been Done Before

It's always been my belief

That everything is gonna repeat
Hey let there be no debate
Whether early or late

So the laws of history state

If you hang around long enough

You'll see that everything starts to rust
Then shine it all up til it's tip-top
And old becomes new again

It's All Been Done Before

And if you hang around long enough
And you experience really cool stuff
You'll see that old becomes new

Then new becomes old
Til old becomes new again

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