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The Real Mckenzies lyrics : "Kings Of Fife"

We fot the kilt to Leven
The kids up there
Had multicolored hair

A bunch of gnarly punks
They welcomed us with open arms
We shared together

Everything we had
Twasn't much

So here's to the lasses
Here's to the lads
And the good times

We were so glad to have
Drinking in the Kingdom of Fife

They us to Kilcaldy
Then to Dundee
Up the coast to Aberdeen

Hey what a crazy scene
We made so many friends up there
To name them all's impossible for me

Oh yeah, I was that drunk

So if you ever get up to Leven

You better do this just for me
Have a drink with the Kings of Fife
Have a drink in the Kingdom of Fife

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Thanks to auritagirl