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The Real Mckenzies lyrics : "Guy On Stage"

Remember in the 60's
Just a wee toy lad
Influence by rockers

Most of them were mad
Throwing TV's in the pool
Livin' life so fast

By the time I caught up
All of it was in the past

Then arrived the 70s
I thought I was gonna lose it
Then I got into it

And sold my soul to music
Those of us still alive
Are standing here today

Tellin' people jokes that
Make them wince and walk away

Can you believe it
There is a little of animal

Who wants to misbehave
And from now on
We're gonna try to keep

That guy on stage

The 80's and the 90's I remember as a blur

Most of my time on tour
And playing shows around the world
Then came the new millennium

And everything got weird
Imagine me the monkey
Swinging from a chandelier

[Chorus x2]

So here I am today
And I've got a lot to say
About the things I've done

I thought was fun
To keep my trouble on the run
Let me tell you something

Deep inside I'm not so bad
I never meant to hurt nobody
Or make nobody feel bad


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Thanks to alexandra_feaa