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The Real Mckenzies lyrics : "Culling The Herd"

Great pharaoh of today
Junked up I'm on a day crusade
Oh what a clever charade

Great garden states
Break laws to keep the people down
A self elected clown

Take the children of the nation
Offer them an education

Life or death is no vacation
On a covert operation to
Do what they tell you to do

Put em in a uniform

Start culling the herd
Orient the ordinance
Start culling the herd

Religion holds instruction
To be a weapon of mass distraction

Soon they'll make a martyr of you
Engage take the flak
Stretched out on a rack by the pool

For a barrel of crude

Holy mission of a ission

Politicians coalition
Are you going?
Yes I am I'll see you in Afghanistan in June

Marching in a platoon

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Thanks to alexandra_feaa