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THE PRO LETARIANS lyrics : "Wavy"

[Intro: Jupiter Jim]

All my ^!$$%s 'bout that...

All my ^!$$%s 'bout that...

[Verse 1: Jupiter Jim]

Hittin' that chick that tell you good night
Spittin' that %#@! you wish you could write

^!$$%s in the kitchen like a good wife
All my ^!$$%s 'bout that hood life
I done seen ^!$$%s take the wrong road

Seen these ^!$$%s have the wrong goals
Had to set aside my own goals
Now my girl gotta check a ^!$$% phone more

Your ho in my call log
Cause I'mma make sure we all ball
So I'm about to need those drawers off

I go to work, you call off
Can a young ^!$$% get money anymore?
I'mma put this on, you gonna drop it to the floor

Go low damn girl you on a roll
You don't even need a pole
Puttin' on a show

Little do they know
God damn it I'm a beast out here
And this my year

Don't nothing else matter except what we doin' right here
Let me make that clear
I'mma come and I'mma kill it on a regular basis

Thinkin' she the %#@! then I'mma show her she basic
Then tell her I could be the one to upgrade you
Like the L how I elevate your celebration

Cause we wavy...

[Hook: Jupiter Jim]

And can't nobody phase me if I'm (Wavy)

And she wanna have my baby when we (wavy)
Lately everything's been... wavy...

[Verse 2: Jupiter Jim]

So I'm laced up, (so I'm laced up)

Cause if you stay ready you ain't got to get ready... (ain't got to get ready)
If you ain't got your weight up, you need to get heavy (you need to get heavy)
Real ^!$$% in my obituary (obituary)

If it ain't real, it ain't in my dictionary
See I'm a young soul, but I think old (see I think old...)
I'm lyin'

I'm living in the moment in case I'll never be old (in case I'll never be old)
I'm tryin'
To get as many things as I can before I cash out

Told me I'll be rich forever when they do the math out
Only matter time 'fore a ^!$$% took the fast route
Only matter time 'fore my ^!$$%s pull the macs out

Oh Lord!
Protect me from these ^!$$%s till I max out
Oh Lord!

Give us everything that we ask bout
Oh, we gotta take the back route
Push 'em in a corner where you know they can't back out

Lyrically I just got the feelin' I spazzed out
Seriously ^!$$%s gotta see where we at now.
Let 'em know we on that now...

Been the type of song you black out...

[Bridge: Jupiter Jim & DJ Boi Jeanius]

All my ^!$$%s bout that
All my ^!$$%s bout that

When you wavy
When you wavy
When you wavy

When you wavy

[Hook: Jupiter Jim]

And can't nobody phase me if I'm (Wavy)
And she wanna have my baby when we (wavy)
Lately everything's been... wavy...

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