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THE POSIES : Suddenly Mary lyrics

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THE POSIES lyrics : "Suddenly Mary"

Suddenly mary fell in the water
Were not i weary i would have caught her
I watched for a moment and scrambled in

Words of disownment were drowned out with

I awoke from a peaceful sleep and found
My clothes under the table

Aesop used to make me weep but now i'm
Part of mary's fable

Suddenly mary fell in the water
I found myself married to somebody's

"loving," she told me
"is a question of bravery"

But when she started to hold me
It was closer to slavery
I got up for a bite to eat and found my

Clothes inside the icebox
I used to stand on my own two feet but
Now i sit when my new wife talks

Suddenly mary fell in the water
She floated away with the ring that i

Bought her
She had convinced me that i was a failure
I burned all my clothing and found a new

Suddenly mary (repeat)
Suddenly mary's fine (repeat)

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