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THE POSIES : Like Me Too lyrics

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THE POSIES lyrics : "Like Me Too"

Treat me casual, watch me as you'll see
I'm not too sure
I understand the tactful planning

That I must endure
But you call me immature because
I'm too sensitive to your insensitivity

I had the audacity to ask you to talk to me
The stones I throw shatter your sea of tranquility
You're about as human as the Statue of Liberty

But maybe you'll like me too
But maybe you'll like me too

Kiss me, oblige me as if that's all
I want from you

Then ignore me at the party
I invite you to
What did you think I'd dare you do

Maybe I'd lose my sacred knack for subtlety
Perhaps you'd reveal that you actually like me

Did you ever think that I'd just bow out quietly
All I wish is sometimes you would sit down next to me

But maybe you'll like me too
But maybe you'll like me too

Well maybe I can't force you to
Stand up and obey my will
I doubt you'll ever touch me or

Love me which is bettter still
I deified you once but
Now I'm standing on your hill

I see you eye to eye
And you're shrinking out of my sight
So before you have passed my line

Let's lower ourselves to each other

Thinly tie me to myself though you

Remain so free
I've tried in vain to demonstrate how you're
Tied as well to me

But you'll come around eventually

Practice makes perfect and you practice perfection

But it's just a stage and I hope that some day when you're done

That maybe you'll like me too

I hope that you'll like me too
And if you would like me too
I pray that you'll like me too

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