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The Plot In You : Twelve lyrics

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The Plot In You lyrics : "Twelve"

When I was young, my dreams were endless and life just made sense

Mother's smiling, my father's worry

And that's how things were then

Doors were closed the house was quiet

Eyes opened wide

So exciting just reminding

Tomorrow's almost here

I told my friends that I was leaving

You'll never see my face again

I told my dad he'd never get me

But he always did

And I'm so sorry

That I never had the chance to thank you
And I'm so sorry that I can't be more

All my hope is gone
All my time is lost
And I'm stuck here

I hate myself
I hate my motives

I've lied to my family
Lied to my brother's face

I question God
I test my conscious

I'm a fake
I'll just fake it

Please stay away
Please stay

Stay away

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