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THE PLASMIDS : Holy Water In My Bong lyrics

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THE PLASMIDS lyrics : "Holy Water In My Bong"

Alright everyone! Get up out of those pews! Cuz this one is for the lord!
I wanna hear those hands clappin! Clappin like you got a servants heart! HAHAHA!

Holy water in my bong
Lord ima lift your name on high
Cuz lord you made me this way

So me n my friends are down to say
I wanna fly lord!
I wanna touch the sky lord!

You gave me my supply lord!
You're my one and only guy lord!

Oh my, i'm so high (so $#&@in stoned, ah yeah)
MOTHER!#@* IM HIGH (so $#&@in stoned, alright)
God im so stoned, but i know i'm not alone

I got the bong and Jesus got the weed
Smokin bud all day makin our eyes bleed

Got the rum and the [email protected]%!e to relax the minds
Jesus Christ i need to unwind

I wanna fly lord
I wanna touch the sky lord
You gave me my supply lord

You're my one and only guy lord

Man i'm so $#&@ed up (so $#&@in stoned, alright)

God damn i'm so FUUUUUUCKED (so $#&@ed, ok)
And i feel like i'm alone, but i know you're with me

Jesus passed out on my couch
Got to $#&@in drunk man it's no doubt
Damn this day has been so coool

I'm so glad we both skipped sunday school

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