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THE PLAGUED RAVEN : Synergy (ft. Talo Kouchnir) lyrics

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THE PLAGUED RAVEN lyrics : "Synergy (ft. Talo Kouchnir)"

do you know what you could do
if no one's to tell you you have limits
you will die

you'll have many more days to cry
but it's the journey right
not the destination

what if i can walk on two feet
but i walk stupidly
foolishly, even

would i be able
capable of being

would i get sick
of looking at my face
or the fact that everyone behind me

is nowhere to be seen
in order to distract me from the

you're making everything make sense now
but i'm still unaware and i wonder
how a person is created in pieces

and then is smart enough to walk on two feet
i'm wondering why
and how to speak

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