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THE PHOENIX WITHIN : Your confidant (Bella) lyrics

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THE PHOENIX WITHIN lyrics : "Your confidant (Bella)"

Your confidant (Bella)
By: Omar Feliciano

I could be the calcium stuck inside your teeth
A pair of sandals on your feet

A radiant thought inside your mind
The favorite place you like to hide

The color of your dark brown eyes
The moment when you told a lie
A pillow where your head can rest

The dresser in your bedroom set


So what I choose to be
Is your lover & your friend
What I choose to be

Is your trusted confidant
& all I need from you
is a promise that you will be true

all I need is you

Verse 2:

The mirror hanging on the wall
The nosy neighbor down the hall
Release from all that nasty stress

The sounds we make when we have ?

The pounding deep inside your heart

Pumping blood & cells to parts
The joint between your hand & arm
The warmth you need to sleep at night

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