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THE PHOENIX WITHIN : "See what happens Larry!" lyrics

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THE PHOENIX WITHIN lyrics : ""See what happens Larry!""

?See what happens Larry!?
Sound-clip from scene in movie ?The Big Lebowski? (1998)
Song written By: Omar Feliciano

Verse 1:
It's been a while since I finally caught a break

No one around to come and shove %#@! in my face
Rest $$#ured I'm going to ride this vibe tonight
I'm going to dance until I burn holes in my shoes

& I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking for something else

You know this city has an open door for everyone?


Crank it up let the DJ do his thing
Pick it up drop it down, baby move around
Start a tab let the bartender pour it out

Drink it up, drink it up, just throw it down
No strings, no rings just you & I we're free do our thing tonight

Verse 2:
I swear I work every single day
9 to 9 slaving for the man

I keep complaining but nothings going to change
I'm alive & sensing who I' am

From the floor in the club, to the door of your house
In your bed in the dark, from your mouth to mine

From your neck to your chest, every moment undressed
You've got me, wrapped up in your thighs

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