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THE PHOENIX WITHIN : I wouldn't trade you lyrics

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THE PHOENIX WITHIN lyrics : "I wouldn't trade you"

I wouldn't trade you
By: Omar Feliciano

Verse 1:
We can lay here naked in this bed
& when you decide to wake up so will I

We can break the hands on every clock
& maybe time will stop for you and I

Cause I feel the sudden urge to scream
Like I'm tearing at the seems, I want to hear you sing

Remember the good times not the bad

Enjoy the simple things we have
I wouldn't trade you
Forget all the fights alone with advice

You are the prize in my life
I wouldn't trade you

Verse 2:
I long for the feeling of your skin
So soft so warm and well preserved

I can't believe your all that I've been thinking of
Suddenly this place is just, just not big enough

You make me want to scream
Call everyone I know

& let them know
That I have found the one

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