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THE PAVE lyrics : "The Cult"

[Verse 1]
A little @@#!roach

Distinguish your torch
Making a hole in your soul
Don't walk, just crawl.

Greasy stain on my floor
I'm not asking for more,
Just for a diligent ant

That always lifts more.


Obesity's your friend
going with you 'till the end,
Forget what your d**k looks like!

Be scared and get fat!
Be scared and get fat!

Be scared and get fat!
Just f**king do it!

[Chorus (x2)]
Just sit back and relax,
Never move your $$#.

Don't think, just accept,
Never shift your glance.
We're always giving you more

'Till you're rotten to the core.


...and I'm interested in colors and shine,
I treat my butt as a f**king shrine,
I put my life on the altar

and die with dignity!


...and we don't realize
relying on our dice,
just invisible puff

humping ourselves rough.
humping ourselves rough
humping ourselves rough

humping ourselves...

[Chorus (x2)]

[Chorus (x2)]

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