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The Parlotones lyrics : "Disappear without a trace"

Guess I'd like the simple things in life
little house and someone to call my wife
I see such beauty

as icecream melts on your hot hot lips

-- chorus --

ah hold on honey
we got forever to taste
and speed up sugar

don't forget our friend fate
it could disappear without a trace
-- x2

We sit outside like children tonight
the truth be told i've been a child all my life

and I see such lovely
as chocolate melts on your hot hot skin

-- chorus x2 --

umbrellas and trampolines

theres a hole in your heart
dear liza stop trying to heal the world

armaggedon over and gasoline
theres a hole in the sky
dear liza lets just live our own lives

the simple one i desire... desire

-- chorus x2 --

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