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THE OTHER GUYS' CHARITY SINGLE : St Andrews Girls lyrics

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THE OTHER GUYS' CHARITY SINGLE lyrics : "St Andrews Girls"

Ooh baby do you know what that's worth?
Ooh heaven is a place on earth,
Never been happier in all of my life,

Since the day that I moved to Fife!

[Greetings loved ones, lets take a journey]

I know a place,
Where the grass is really greener.

Cold, wet and windy,
May Dip* you're going in the water.

Sippin' Gin and Juice,
We were hangin' out in 40s**
Other Guys break their necks,

Tryna' creep a little sneak peak.


You can travel the world,
but nothing comes close to the East Fife Coast.

Once you party up North,
You'll be falling in love, oh, oh, oh etc.


Our St Andrews Girls they're unforgettable,

Hunter Boots and Barbours on top.
Sun bed tans, ray bans, studies Art History.

Our St Andrews Girls they're undeniable,
Fine freshers, schweffed*** on in the Bop****.
East Coast represent, now put your hands up.

Sex on the Beach,
Or we can do it on the Old Course.

Catch, meet your match,
Royal Romance is on the stereo.


Everyone else in the room can see it,

Everyone else but you.

Baby, you light up my world like nobody else,

The way that you flick your hair gets me overwhelmed,
But when you smile at the ground, it ain't hard to tell,
You don't know, you don't know you're beautiful,

That's what makes you beautiful.

Toned, tanned, fit and ready,

Turn it up cos' it's getting heavy.
Wild, wet, East Coast,
These are the girls I love the most.

I mean the ones - I mean, like she's the one
Stalk her, poke her, friend her academic mum*****
The girl's a freak, but she ain't cheap, she lives quite close on market street.

I'm okay, I won't play,
I love the Bay just like I love St A.
Venice Beach and Palm Springs,

Intersemester is everything.
Other girls, passing out.
When TOG is banging out.

@@#!tail weenies, mankinis, lambrini,
just a future king and queenie.
Katie my lady [yeah]

Other Guys do you dig me? [yeah]
Don't call Katy Perry's lawyer
because another repeat of the chorus is about to bore ya'

Chorus x 2 [2nd time includes refrain - 'We love schweffing our St Andrews girls']

Chariots of Fire.

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