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The Orange Peels lyrics : "So Far"

Oh, it's the middle of March but it feels just like summer
And I wouldn't call that a California bummer

Cause it's the days like these when I remember you most
It's like a low pressure system coming off the coast
The wave strikes down and I wonder just where you are

And you took me so far

Well it's the middle of the night but I can see the sunshine
So I? on my mind

It's the way I feel when I've been with you
I heard a word you say, seen what you do
And then wondered what we've gotten ourselves into

It goes on and on and on and on
And you take me so far

And then I close my eyes I can see into the future
But I'm really not sure if it's gonna include you
Cause I know this is not what you've were hoping for

And you've been so long staring at the door
That I wondered just who you've been waiting for
It goes on and on and on

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