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THE OMEGA PARTICLE lyrics : "The Book Of You"

I think I've lost my faith in you, after tonight, I'm pretty sure it was the worst night of my life.
The words you said, they still echo round my head, they just won't leave me alone, i feel sadness in my bones.
For what its worth, if this was our last night on earth, I would still find my way to your door, just the same as I did before.

And I cant believe, that you really want to leave, when all we need is right here, just like it has been all these years.
I cant say what the future holds, darkened shattered dreams, and all the nightmares inbetween.
That kind of thing is not for us to know, it hurts so bad, my heart has been

slowly breaking
since the day we, met
I close the book of you

Each chapter a painful reminder
I am too eager to love
But Im unable to find her

You lit a fire in my chest, which you now need to put to rest
Burn it down burn it down we'd cry, the embers burn until the day I die
I fell for you on the day we met, there isn't a moment that I regret

Burn it down burn it down we cried, I hope it hurts just to watch me
Tear myself apart
It all seemed so simple at the start

My love for you shall always linger here
Waiting for the day you re-appear
Lets have a toast, lets have a toast to the end of the world

The story of a girl
The story of a girl
So raise your glasses, as the walls come crashing down around me

Deafening shades of reality
Can I just lay here for a while, just to find comfort in your smile

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