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THE OCEAN CURE lyrics : "Take Cover feat. Chris Cosentino"

Now, now the storm is coming
to lift the houses and carry them away
destroy them in the air and drop them

back down again
I'll have gone from world to room
to breathing air to nothing

and you'll have gone back and forth
pretending there was something

So this is the end
no more cause for disease
no more dark brown eyes or secret drives

to where you want me to be
every sound just turns to thunder
everywhere I go it rains

and this shadow stands beside me
have you heard we share a name?

Turn off all the lights
make it happen, make it right
it's not yet a lie

but come so close it's getting hard to deny
when you touch what you can't see
and you don't say what you mean

things we're never perfect but god dammit

They've been close than this, before

and the night looks so dark in your eyes
It's getting cold
so I'll be on my way

Because now, now the storm is coming
to spread my ashes and take me to my grave

I know you're better off without me
you'll be ok
I wish I could say the same for myself, for myself

but still you go, back and forth
pretending you have one good reason to stay

Now this is the end
I feel the walls are closing in
so don't ignore this, the sky is calm

my bones are shaking because the storm is coming now

Every single moment

of every situation will define our history
it's complicated and selfish but just understand
You will never live if you keep dwelling on what could have been

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