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THE OATMAN lyrics : "Miss.Irresistible"

Shes walkin shes just walkin by
On their knees every guy
Is ready to be in her sights

Oh and she doesn't even try -- she don't have to try

Peircen hearts she knows she can

What an art without a plan
Beauty gush from all her pores
Every one tempts us for more -- temptin me for more

Ahh ahh ah miss. irresistible
Oh noo no im losin my control, miss irresistible

Shes alright, just bein herself
Pretty mind and a body thats hell

Electric eyes made of caramel
She is blind to her own spell- I just dwell


What a girl what a disease

Purest soul but such a tease
I'm all torn up but im at ease
Shes got the lock and shes got the keys - im beggin' please

La la la etc.. Miss.Irresistible

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