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THE OATH lyrics : "From This Day On"

Who switched the lights off?
Who pulled the rug out from under me?
And why my heart's still beating, although it's feeling dead.

What made you decide to end this life?
And why the hell you didn't ask me to help you?

Shadow of your former self.
I was wrong, we weren't able to bear and beaten by setbacks you backed out.
You broke the oath that we'd sworn when we were kids.

If someone tries to keep you down, defy. if someone tries to suck you dry, defy.
If someone forces you to give up, deny.

And what's up now? I'm sitting here in ruins, shocked by your grit.
Sorry dude, I didn't realize your graveness of despair, delved into trivia too busy to care.

You chose this way I hope it won't be mine, but I'm afraid since you're gone.
Will I be able to resist the dark without you?

You left me alone and I will miss you, but I can't be angry with you.
There is nothing left to say just: goodbye dude, goodbye my friend, goodbye.

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