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THE NYCC : Two Pills or a Gun lyrics

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THE NYCC lyrics : "Two Pills or a Gun"

Try to feed your stupid fears with a useful creed
Set you free from urban things and gorgeous kitsch
Switch the side you usual sleep after midnight

Take your chance to gamble on a brand new game
You'll learn or you've just met

Try to kill your anxiety with no medicine
Set you free from that liver pain and your headache

Try to gain some future days as at your will
You knew that girl that used two pills or a gun?
You're down, can hear the sound


Your air's so meaningful, at best you seem like a strangled goat, peaky bug
Some sleeping time's been reserved for you, walking this path leads to black roads
you only dreamed on

Dear don't you know? About that girl

that lived by two pills
She finished herself with a gun

You always got it wrong you've given up as you don't care it calls disaster
Foresight, it does not belong to you be noticed some people will cry due to your fallings

Pull the bad inside your depth, no mercies on!

Throw outside the evil lord of your crackhead
Always leave the worst of prizes to another
Gain a chance to live again unpossessed by them

You'll learn or you've just met

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