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The Nox : Zacar Od Zamran lyrics

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The Nox lyrics : "Zacar Od Zamran"

Hail Choronzon hail!
Come Choronzon come!
I salute and conjure Thee

O Choronzon

By the chaos that moves me

By the madness that imprisons me
By the Power of Undying Darkness
I conjure Thee again

By the Word that opens ZAX
ZARZAX calls upon thee

By Three and by Three and by Three
Come unto me

Hail unto Thee
Who are Thrice One
Whose Name is the Second Death

Thou, who outnumbers the legions of light

Thou whose voice is the insane babble

Of a multitude of demons
Thou who screams "I am I"
Come forth from the Nothingness

Thou are the Master of Form
And from Thee all forms proceed

Thou who hath no face
For Thou hath all faces

Thy ways are methods to the Madness
Share my insane hatred
Against the supposed creator

And slay the son of man

Zodacare Od Zodameram

Zodacare Od Zodameram
Zodacare Od Zodameram
Zodacare Od Zodameram

Unsanctify this place of peace
That all righteousness departs from it

Befoul this planet with the stench
Of thy excrements

O Choronzon
Thou who art seated higher than the heavens
I pray that Thou bestoweth unto me

The knowledge of the world between being and not

Feel free to manifest

Feed upon the names of god
For Thou art Master of the Triangle
Come unto me

Come to life
Corruptor of all coherence

Set ablaze this earth of matter
Rise Choronzon rise

Lexarph. Comanon. Tabitom.
Come Choronzon
I welcome Thee

I am servitor to Thy Dominion

Zodacare Od Zodameranu

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