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The Nox : Darkness Undying lyrics

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The Nox lyrics : "Darkness Undying"

In Nomine Noxath [email protected]#*
In Nomine Chaosathanas
In Nomine Zazazathanas

No god of order shall illuminate my soul!

On and on

For nothingness I go
Smiting myself down deeper and deeper
Into unalterable Blackness

Turn to the Night of Choronzon

Downwards with a sigh

Through the corridor of Da'ath
Sucked into the Invisible Light Which Is Darkness

My wings fly backwards to the beginning
On the rim of Dissolution
I spin out of my sight and out of my mind

I go beyond the crucifix and beyond it's impotence
I go beyond thought and beyond Being itself

Beyond knowledge, beyond order
Beyond cosmos, beyond god



I become zero, empting of being
Unformed, deformed and unformed again
My anterior shape is uncreated

For I'm forgotten in my memories

Reborn inside the bowels of Nox

As I crawl along the shores
Of the foaming seas of Oblivion

Sub Noctes Nocte!
Sub Noctes Nocte!
Sub Noctes Nocte!

Here is where it all ends
Here lives nothing

What'soever has died
Goes on dying

Sic Luceat Nox!
Sic Luceat Nox!
Sic Luceat Nox!

Chaos is the Great Father
And I have returned

I witness the Darkness Undying
Hidden from all eyes

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