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Gonna sit down and write you a song,
(but then there`d be something wrong.)
Gonna sit down and write you a good song,

(and then there wouldn`t be anything wrong.)
Now i got to get to a point,
(a point.)

You can`t laugh, on the musical track,
Or you`ll get your head bitten off.

We call this art, we call this art.
What do you call it good sir?

(quadruple song.)

Well she just walked downstairs,

With a barrette in her hair,
And now i`m singing a song,
That doesn`t belong here,

Here, oh here.

And now we`re keeping on, keeping on,

With the same tune, the same tune.
(and i think that we should stop,
But i guess we won`t, uh, on the zune.)

You can`t rhyme, you can`t rhyme.

At least this a two person song.

Well you could sing along you dope.

We`re gonna get famous from this.
(probably not.)
Were gonna get tons of girls to give us a kiss.

Yeah, that`s the one, that`s the one we were looking for.

Keep strumming that guitar, and we`ll go far.
Take the song into your own hands right now.

(right now.)
Raise the bar. do it now.
Sing out loud, right now.

That was egg shaker moment,
The solo in this song.

Yeah we got it,
But we didn`t get it wrong.
(because egg shakers are easy)

To make noises out of.
And they`re easy,
(to shake.)

(guitar solo.)

This is gonna be a six minute track,

I`ll pay twenty dollars in fact.
Not really.
But its gonna be cool.

I know the kids are going to be looking at me in school.

We`re being a little redundant now,

But you are going�
(to have a chord change.)
Oh boy.

Oh boy.
Now the egg shaker has to get a different rhythm.

So, what`s going on, right now?
My hands full enough, cause i can`t get enough,
So lets dance. lets dance.

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