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The Northern Crowns lyrics : "Hideaway"

I tripped in a trance,
where weekends turn to hours and love mutates to war.
So wake me up, with your face soaked in sunshine.

Those sugar coated lips and shattered glass eyes,
pull me in so gently sharp.

Do you know a place where we can hideaway,
from all the morning and all through the day?

But it's ok if you don't know cause I may
know of a place where we can both go.

In the residential area I would love for you to go,
is at times full of aversion, but past the zephyrs,
the beauty that remains there is quite well...

It can be real as a house in a dream,
careful dream it's quite a drop from the ledge.
Stay where you are this is your house now,

stay where you are this is your house.


As you can see, our vague fancies have given us vague endings,
so close your eyes and realize that our nest is full of consequence.


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