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THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS : The New Face Of Zero And One lyrics

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THE NEW PORNOGRAPHERS lyrics : "The New Face Of Zero And One"

The how-to guide
To become
The new face of zero and one

So fall into
The new line

Hanging off the truth of the times

Parade of sisters

Through New York
A trail that once it began
Snaking its way through the memory of

Faking its way through the hallelujahs
Became a parade of sisters
Through New York

A trail of sisters
Through New York

You can't tell what
The controls hide
From the door that locks

From the outside
But you'll know why
One day when

When you cross the line
Into godsend

In the night
Asleep on the case
Trust has turned

From dreams we've come to know
In the night, asleep on the case
Changed the words from chase

And back to follow

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