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THE NEOLOGIST lyrics : "Subterranean Creatures"

Placed into this life
From an evolutionary god
The luck of the draw

I have drawn the loaded gun

My presence of deficits

Is all that's seen by you
See me please, for what I am
Allow me just this once

To live my life

(All subterranean creatures)

(Deserve to see the light)

Scorned and scarred

I embody them both
This heart beats too
Don't forget

I am alive
I am alive too

What we hear and what we know
Is locked behind our silent eyes alone
Through darkness you will find

That no light is our own
The breathe of life is veiled
Through black of our days

No witness in this dark domain
But we are alive

Hopefully one day
I'll see your thoughts

Feel your sensations
Hopefully one day
I'll see the light

Simple pleasures of life
Are kept from no one

Not even the forgotten
Neglected and rotten

Do not let me wither away
Use your sense of the heart
We don't point blame

Just ask for your touch
We are human too

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