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Verse 1:
What's Forever to a right now kinda fella?
If I never make it, what do I tell her?

Ummmm-brella, Ri-Rifresh but I couldn't sell,
a C-D
if this is my leap of faith, I jumped down -but I fell up.

how does an artist develop?
if your heart is telling you to keep going but the art scene isn't better...

than the sharpest of metal...
used to spread yourself thin but you shouldn't have like Nutella..
Well, I

feel weirder than Jeremy Scott...
Fear of the pop got you underground like burying 'Pac

And if a Star dies in the sky before you see one
Why would I ever teach kids to reach and try be one?
hell I,

never planned a search to scope in a verse
for the afterlife, though I only know a heaven on planet earth...

If a prophet can't save us, how can a church?
Synagogue or a mosque? just pray and hope that works? Leap of Faith...

I never knew that I could fly
Until I jumped out and landed in the sky

No cloud would carry me, they told me don't you try
But I knew we were stars that stood out in the light.

Verse 2:
My pops left for North America with 60 dollars and a dream
Wife, adolescent son, a daughter in her teens

As modern as it seems, he took a leap of faith
the strings attached must have left him caught up in the seams
if everything is everything, it isnt what it seems

and I know nothing
Moms and pops said, Ibnee, life really isn't gonna be fair
you wont know what you want to be here, but start bluffin'

Jay told me life is but a beach chair
during east coast winters there wasn't even a beach there
so I took a leap, I froze in mid-air

and thawed in the fourth cycle,
with more faith than George Michael.
If the sky is the limit then why am I in it?

If I hit the ground running, won't I fly into something?
Like the moment I started writing to speak to tapes...
I had to believe in myself to take that leap of faith...

Chorus X 2

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