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THE MUSICAL FAMILY GUY lyrics : "Men We Don't Know What We Did"

We don't know what we did
But somehow we did wrong

So every time we screw up
We just sing this stupid song

We wish we'd understand
Why women think we're dumb
We're trying hard to get it

But for now they think we're scum

Men, We Don't Know What we Did

It's not that hard if you try

Speak from your heart, never lie
Except when I'm getting fat
Don't ever say that

Or I might just die

See yes is yes, and no is no

But yes means no means yes, you know
And even though it may not show
There's reason to our female code

It's simple logic don't you see
The difference between you and me

I rule, you serve and just agree
And we can live in harmony

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