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The Movie : Volume lyrics

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The Movie lyrics : "Volume"

I'm so motha$#&@in turned up right now (volume)
Someone please turn Gucci mane down (volume)

Bricksquad thugged out we don't give a $#&@ (volume)
We hit the club, shoot the club, tear the club up (volume)
So you should hit the floor get low and shut up (volume)

Hit the floor get low and shut the $#&@ up (volume)
Yous a (*##$ yous a snitch you a motha$#&@in scrub (volume) (x2)

I pulled up in a 4 door porshe set trippin
3 young dread head ^!$$%s ridin wit me

I don't think they like me and I don't like em neither
But if they move wrong I'll red up they white beater
I do it for da hood I do it like no equal

I do it for the red black yellow white people
I just bought a kay Just the other day
And I don't play with grown men I don't like to play

I'm so motha$#&@in turned up right now
^!$$%s hang on me I don't give a $#&@ right now
Well you ^!$$%s keep on trying like And jenna could

You think you can you think you could I think you [email protected]#( should


Call me gucci flocka flame I den changed my name

Call me frenchie mane la flare gucc the kid it's all the same
I be runnin gunnin stuntin with 100 killers ridin
You snitchin (*##$in tattle tellin scared to stand beside me

I just bought another house just to house my goons
So icey entertainment boy we just like a platoon
The colors in my chain

I'm with baby find that boy the june
I wish they found him august so that's like tomuch too soon
His face was swoll and puffy bout the color of a prune

Bricksquad movement and no your not apart of it
Me waka and woo juice and frenchie mane started it



Wooh the kid:
Iced out bar got me ballin like the lakers
Homicide around the corner where you in jamaica

My volume on max you boys better run
Ima ^!$$% with an attitude holdin on the gun
17 ^!$$%s I left 16 hit last ^!$$% hit the corner got his whole head split

Told you your a goner ima leave you dead quick I'm like
Wooh the kid thugged out we don't give a $#&@
Let your soul meet the sole of the bottom of my chucks

Black car black tint with the baby tags stay low to the floor
My midget out bag. My midget out the bag


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