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The Mostar Diving Club lyrics : "World's Collide"

Back when we were young
We ran into the sun
It's like we fell apart

Yes you stole my heart
I searched these wasted years
To wipe away the tears

As my heart began to crack
We can't go back
I can hardly speak

When you're in front of me
I can't breathe, I can't breathe

Two paths that would not cross
You left me feeling lost
But I love you just the same

Let the magic rain
With a blanket made of stars
To wrap the both of us

As we fell into the light
Our worlds collide
Yes that's the way that our worlds collide

Here I am and here I stand
Our worlds collide, Our worlds collide

And I would wait for you
And I'd wait forever too
You're in my heart, in my heart

It's true.

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