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The Morningside lyrics : "The Wind"

Just fly through this night
Fly as high to blow up the leaves
Just fly as fast to stop means to die

Some slow death some slow end
The dawn and silence will take your soul away
Take my sorrow with you

Kill it and fly away
Fly through the time through the age
To the place where everything seems to be another

Better just better
The place where are we living
We are we smiling together alive

Fly through the rain
You will see in a split second
That all that drops are falling down from land to sky

Fly through the rain
To the place where are our dreams
Or something what we cannot deny

Fly through this rain
And I'll stay to wait for it to stop
Or all I've written or I've said would be erased

All my dreams and thoughts
All My embraced pain
Will stay with raindrops tears here with me

Fly through the rain

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