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The Morning After Girls lyrics : "Lazy Greys"

Three, four...

Don't you feel so alone (don't you feel so alive)

Think I'm losing control (that's only in your mind)
Let's get lost with our thoughts (then we'll all get some peace)
Almost got there before (yeah it's too far to reach)

Does this make any sense (if it's all for your good)
As if anybody cares (so now just wait for your time)

We're falling further behind (take your time to perceive)
Yeah they can be so unkind (please don't wait for release)

We've been further before, we lost all of your needs
Has it come back for more, as if we should be pleased
Never call in a friend, puts you back in its place

'Cuz you know where it ends, right back in your lazy greys

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