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THE MONSTERS lyrics : "These Days Without You"

These days without you let me down slow
And keep me after what I used to know
and keep me waiting for your smile

Sunlight in your eyes
And deeply hopin' you'll be coming home

These days have got me down upon my knees
Amazed at what I never thought I'd need
If I could have you I would try

Not to let slip by
For what once seemed so important to me

And when I wake up
I reach over for you

No I won't stray 'cause
I'm troubled for you

These days I'm counting on the sun to take
And find me dreaming that you'd gone away
And wait to hear you grumble along

Lord, I've been so wrong
And sorry for the things I didn't say


These days without you know

they're gonna end
'Cause time can't come between two better friends
and what I can't see I will find

Cannot lose it's shine
and what is broken time is gonna mend


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