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THE MONSTERS lyrics : "Monument In Green"

Well I rode the green across this country.
Horses lived and died to take me.
Men I killed to help me get there, further West I died to

take me.
Blackened face and dirty laundry. Many days since
I have eaten. Found myself a family. Broke my back

So I could feed them.


High in the wind. Standing in the sun.
We're going to raise up the heavens.
With a shovel and a gun.

I was so much younger then. I would never ever listen.
I am so much older now. I thought that things would
end up different.

Farewell, lover in green.

Elizabeth she is my lady. Says the prayers and

does the learning.
Waking up all the children.
Making love in the early morning.

We took to building up the cities. we built the churches
in our cities.
Happy in the green country. In the green

they buried me.


Well I'm dead now. My wife Elizabeth is at my side.
I've got children all around me. I've got grandchildren.

I've got great grandchildren. I've got great
great great great
Grandchildren. Too many for me to remember.

Maybe one of them is you ...

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