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THE MONSTERS lyrics : "Midnight Radio"

Driving far from home.
On a midnight radio.
Reckless and alone. On a long black road.

The city is burning like a dream. Like a lady smoking in
the night.
And she lets out a silent scream. So far from the

morning light.

And I don't know where to go.

And I don't know where I've been.
And I don't know If I'll still be here. When the
sun rises again.

But somewhere in the distance. There's a tower
and a light.
Broadcasting a resistance. Through the rain and through

the night.
Hold me in the darkness.
Love is playing in the darkness.

On a midnight radio.

So grab your little sister.

Wake up your children and your wife.
Cause a new train's coming mister.
Around the boarders of the night.

Wavelengths of love are playing on a midnight radio.
Through the static and the rain.
On a midnight radio ...

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