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The Monolith Deathcult lyrics : "Master Of The Bryansk Forest"

Waffen-sturm-brigade rona
Filled up with criminal prison inmates
Political prisoners, traitors and !@$)gots

To defend the newborn republic of lokot
Dissidents, criminals, thieves and violators
A murderous phenomenon behind enemy lines

Anti-soviet, pro-german death squads
Ambushed in the woods of bryansk

Partisan liers-in-wait
Dressed in bloodstained white army uniforms
Anti-soviet, pro-german werewolves

Assembled before the gates of warsaw
Warsaw's jews, gypsies and !@$!s
Prepare yourself for death and horror

The kaminski brigade enters the perimeter
And waits for the command to lay your city in ruins

As worms they let you crawl
Before they $%&^x the life-warmth out of thy bodies
Thy bones, splintered and broken

Will be the mortar of their monuments
Warsaw's clocks of doom are ticking
The master of the bryansk forests will splinter thy spirits

And smother thy rebellion in blood

The clocks of doom are ticking

The knell of doom will toll

'we shall not be slaves!

To the fight with the enemy we are ready day and night.
Through clouds and flames our peoples' flag
We shall with a strong hand carry

Who believes, who dares, whose blood is inflamed
Who has not forgotten oppression and shame
Those are tied together with great revenge

For the ashes of our family's graves'
[rona anthem]

The brigades marched to warsaw
To break the polish nation's spirit
Der führer hath passed judgement upon thee

Poland will be steamrollered again
Between gog and barbarossa
The insidious stalin turned his back on thee

'der größter feldherr aller zeiten'
Commands thy annihilation
His 54th birthday announced thy doom

Thou must die and thou shalt die
Thou must be wiped out

Warsaw must be erased from the books of history
Tongues will be ripped out of those who speak about thee
Hands will be amputated of those who write about thee

Thy reign of rebellion endeth here
The ideologies of a great poland are infertile
Thy civilization is eradicated, never existed

Extirpated, uprooted, totally destroyed

The clocks of doom are ticking

The knell of doom will toll

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