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THE MOM RAP lyrics : "Mother's Day"

She's my mommy,
My mom,
She's better than no other,

She's better than a father,
A sister or a brother!

But she's more than just a really cool mom,
And she's the bomb!

Did I mention she has crazy super powers?
Like doing tons of homework in just a couple hours?

She can do all this,
Plus she cooks and cleans all day,
And she's always nice.

Never is she mean.

Cuz she's my mom

I love my mom
My mom!
She is a lotta fun

My mom!
I love my mom
My mom!

And she is so awesome

Do you know my mom?

(And that she's totally the best?
Did you know my mom?
Is better than the rest

Can I show my mom,
How much I care?

Should I climb a mountain?
Or wrestle a bear?

But it's not about
What crazy things I do,
For Mama Jamba

Or maybe Mammadou.

It's all about

The special mom I love.
Yeah it's all about YOU
Happy Mother's Day Mom

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