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THE MIDNIGHT BEAST lyrics : "Walk with us (Xmas special) skit"

Hey ash, dyu know what month it is?
No stef, what month is it?
It's December ash... a time for giving and receiving ;)

Oooohhhh does that mean it's... CHRIIISSSTMAAASSS!!!

Christmas time

In London town
Lights burning bright
Snow on the ground

Christmas time
Kids faces smile

Eat to excess
Until we're sick

So I haven't seen Dru in a while...
Maybe he's working?
On Christmas day??

Sorry Ash... ahahaha

How's it going? It seems you've let yourself in

Last night I was working in a grotto
Greeting little kids mother-$#[email protected]

I drunk twenty whole cartons of eggnog
Before riding butt naked on a reindeer

I crashed it... my elves came
To sew up Santa's sack mother-$#[email protected]
I drink ride, ruin lives, show ya mum my surprise

If you leave mince pies, I might be polite that's right

Christmas time

In London town
Dru smells like piss
His pants are down

Christmas time
With The Midnight Beast

Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
To everyone

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Thanks to e.kananoviciute