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THE MIDNIGHT BEAST lyrics : "Love Bites"

Killer girlfriend
You'll love her till the end
A burning feeling running through your veins

She'll steal your heart
And eat your brains

Yeah my girlfriend doesn't talk much but I love her pretty face
She never plays hard to get although she always loves a chase
She showed such sweet affection when my Hamster brett went missing

N' it's passionate and sexy how she bites me when we're kissing

Sometimes it can be difficult 'cause my girlfriends such a flirt

And I had to buy her perfume 'cause she always smells of dirt
She wants to take things slowly, I learnt the other day
When I told her 'I love you' and she replied with (bleurgh)

Her eyes are like a constellation twinkling in the dark
She gives me little love bites, 'cause she likes to leave her mark

She's not just pretty outside, she's a princess underneath
But an animal in the bedroom, she likes to use her teeth

I think it's cool you've found a girl that doesn't think you suck
And let's be honest found a girl I'd also like to $#[email protected]
But I need to tell you something that I don't know how to say

Stef I think it's obvious your girlfriend here is gay

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Thanks to maria.01215