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THE LEISURE SOCIETY lyrics : "Another SundayPsalm"

So i'd send them back
With their red little bird
And why they smile

When you know i'm done

These pay on the air

And a lazy old sun
To keep the heat in every earclamp
A forest far side was thinking

The trees all try
A thousand times

To wrestle down the wind

If they're in the hays

At the opening roam
A far that he wants but I must let go
Cause how many years can you keep this fall

Too many other Cats are craving

They're polishing

Their paws and saying
In Fifteen words
What took me years

To hang my name upon

The crowd float the isles

As you render in slump
Over yellow stone cliffs to holy love
It sees this disease

And all that is done
Consoling all the unpayed artists
The chance to finish what tey've started

Another Sunday psalm

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